General Civil Litigation

Personal Injury / Negligence

The best representation does not always come from the biggest law firm or the lawyer with the flashiest television commercial.  The lawyers at Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine have received favorable multi-million-dollar personal injury/negligence judgments and settlement.  Motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, animal bites, product defects, property damage, etc.…, the law firm has the right advocate for your case.



The attorneys at Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine handle collection matters in all counties in Connecticut.  Whether it is a Small Claims matter of under $5,000.00 or a Superior Court matter for a greater amount, Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine has the experience and the knowledge to initiate and obtain judgments, but in addition, also collect on those judgments via judgment liens, mechanic’s liens, bank executions, wage executions, attachments, garnishments and/or repossessions.


Contracts and Contract Disputes

Expressed contracts;  Implied contracts;  Written contracts;  Oral contracts.  Contracts come in many forms and with differing obligations and various defenses.  Whether you need assistance in the preparation of a contract for a residential purchase or sale or a commercial business agreement or any other type of contractual agreement, the lawyers at Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine are ready and available to assist you.


Housing (Landlord/Tenant)

Representing both landlords and tenants allows the attorneys at Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine to review housing court issues from both perspectives of plaintiffs and defendants avoiding narrow minded representation.  Whether it is representation of a landlord of a 100-unit complex or the counsel for a tenant in a single-family home, our attorneys are prepared to provide competent and thorough and effective results.



A constant presence in the New Haven Superior Court foreclosure courtroom, Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine has experience representing every type of court participant.  Whether representing a plaintiff and commencing a foreclosure action or mediating, negotiating modifications, effectuating forbearance plans or helping make a deed in lieu or short sale a smooth transaction, Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine has the courtroom experience and knowledge to assist all parties.


Worker’s Compensation

If you require assistance filing a workers’ compensation claim notice or wish to contest a denied claim, Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine can competently represent you and put your concerns to rest.  Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine can assist you in obtaining the compensation benefits you deserve, whether from your employer or a responsible third party.


Dram Shop

A sad epidemic plaguing our society is drunk drivers and the resulting injuries from the over service/consumption of alcohol.  Connecticut’s dram shop laws establish liability for any individual or business who exercise unreasonable care in connection with the service of alcohol to consumers and minors.  Whether it’s injuries caused by a driver over-consuming alcohol at a bar, or restaurant, or vendor, or homeowner or party host, Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine can help you and protect your interests in holding the responsible party accountable.