Probate and Probate Litigation

The estate process and probate litigation can be a daunting and confusing and threatening area of the law. Don’t face the difficulty of the loss of a loved one without the proper guidance and advice.  Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine can assist executors/executrix and fiduciaries and beneficiaries with the distribution a decedent’s assets and the administration of their estate (whether the decedent maintained a Last Will and Testament or died intestate).

Unfortunately, there are probate estate occasions which become contested and litigious.  In turn, these matters proceed through the Probate Court and the Superior Court. Contested estate matters require a firm knowledge, not only of,  probate laws and procedure, but also requires litigation experience. The lawyers at Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine are experienced attorneys who work seamlessly together within these areas of practice for the best client representation.

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