Municipal Collections

Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine, LLC presently represent several New Haven County municipalities in tax foreclosure/collection work, as well as, sewer and water authority lien foreclosure/collection work.  Our firm has established a collection process that not only achieves full collection for our municipal clients, but in addition, also allows the process of working with the particular debtor in an attempt to assist them in the retention of their property rights.


Tax Appeals

Under statute, every municipality has the right to establish a value for your personal and real property, but also pursuant to statute, the property owner has the right and opportunity to appeal the noted assessment.  Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine can assist clients through the strict timelines and mandates established by statute. Furthermore, the attorneys are experienced with appeals to the local board of assessment and, if necessary, to the Superior Court.  Fasano Ippolito Lee & Florentine, LLC has established relationships with local appraisers and realtors to assist in making sure the amount you are being assessed properly and with up to date data in accordance with the actual fair market value of your property.


Governmental Affairs / Governmental Consulting / Election Management

Fasano, Ippolito, Lee & Florentine, LLC has over twenty-five (25) years of experience in municipal legal services, including municipal litigation, municipal contract drafting and review, regulation drafting, collection work, tax foreclosures and sales, tax assessment appeals, zoning/wetland and land use, and general legal advisement.